Mr.Karrot has been bringing fresh, clean & “fridge ready” packs of fruits and vegetables to delighted customers in Pune since 2014. Fresh food is happy food, the way nature intended it to be. Buying fruits and vegetables need not be a chore and we bring you an easy and convenient way to shop for these daily essentials.


  • Freshness you can trust

  • Clean and Fridge Ready

  • Sourced from farms


We source most of our produce from the farms at Narayangaon, a green belt and home to progressive farmers. All the fruits and vegetables are sorted and cleaned at our various packing centres, keeping the handling to a minimum. They are packaged in suitable material to ensure food safety and hygiene besides retaining maximum freshness. The produce is maintained at an optimum temperature in our cool rooms at all our distribution hubs before it is made available for consumption. These packs are the way you like to stock veggies in your refrigerator (Explanation of fridge ready).  Harvest to home, the way it is meant to be.


Our method of packaging and storage reduce the fresh produce wastage thereby reducing the environmental impact.  Further,we have been recycling our packs to minimize the impact on our environment and have been working in partnership with RUDRA since 2017.


Mr.Karrot fruits and vegetables are available on our app or through the webstore for home delivery in select areas. Alternatively, we also stock in many General Merchant stores across Pune. Please get in touch with us to locate the store closest to you. We also have bi-weekly stalls set up at various corporates and housing societies for making Mr.Karrot products available in your neighbourhood.



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