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India is undoubtedly the Land of Plenty… and nothing says this more than the sheer number of mango varieties our country proudly has to offer! Whatever your taste preference: mouth-wateringly sweet, tart and tangy or pleasantly mellow, you are sure to find a favorite among the many different Indian Mangoes.

The Alphonso Mango is the best mango found in India, arguably in the world, in terms of sweetness, richness and flavor. Mainly cultivated in Ratnagiri Maharashtra, it is much coveted and exported across the globe.

Badami of Karnataka is similar in texture and taste to Alphonsos.

Chaunsa is one the sweetest golden yellow mangoes grown in North India.

Dasheri is delicious variety of mango from North India, a regional favorite.

Kesar Mangoes is also simply called Gir Kesar, originating around the Gir region of North India.

Langra is a large mango variety, prominent in North India.

Mulgoba is known as the “Alphonso of South India”.

Neelam mangoes are found in abundance in June across South India.

Raspuri mangoes have excellent flavor and juicy texture, considered the Queen of Mangoes.

Himsagar Mangoes are the specialty of West Bengal and Orissa.

Totapuri Mangoes are relatively milder in flavor, famous in South India.

Began Phali mangoes are large in size, hence known as The King of Mangoes in South India.

These are just a few of the 283 types of mangoes found in India! Which is your favorite?

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