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Winter brings with it a chill in the air and fiery red and orange fresh produce bursting with taste and vitamins. It’s no surprise that fruits and vegetables in this colour family are at their colourful best in this season. Even nature likes warm colours as the mercury dips and the sweaters make their appearance.

Oranges are plentiful now and the Indian variety is a seasonal special. As the season progresses, they get sweeter and juicier. Don’t forget to dose up on your winter Vitamins with this citrus fruit. It makes the perfect snack when those mid-morning hunger pangs make an appearance.

Papayas are perfect to begin your day with the taste of sunshine. These are rich in Vitmains A and C besides being a good source of folates and potassium.

Pumpkin makes its grand appearance with Halloween and not without reason. Its high levels of Vitamin A and C make it a must include food for everyone. A hearty pumpkin soup spiced with some ginger is a great way to keep your immunity high.

The long red carrots are another winter special and perfect for Gaajar ka halwa, a hot favourite with many. These are sweeter in taste than the orange variety and are available for a limited period.

Beets are another root vegetable that is great in taste this season. Full of earthy goodness, it’s a power packed food for all those fitness enthusiasts. Raw, cooked or juiced, it lends itself to many recipes.

Get ready to power up your winter with these bright and cheery fruits and veggies.

Eat Healthy, Eat Fresh

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