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Melons are synonymous with the sweltering months of summer, with their sweet, juicy, refreshing taste. Loaded with water and electrolyte-replenishing vitamins, they are a welcome respite from the heat.  Although available all year round, this much coveted fruit grows best in the summer months.

Rich in potassium, watermelons and muskmelons replenish body electrolytes, preventing dehydration and keeping the heart healthy. In the tropical regions, people eat these melons to prevent heatstroke as their high water content regulates body temperature, keeping us cool.  This also helps in flushing the toxins out of our kidneys, keeping them healthy.

There are so many fun ways to include this delicious fruit to your summer diet.

Chop up your melon and sprinkle with rock salt and black pepper for a tangy twist to cut the sweetness.

Blend your watermelon with some sugar, lime, mint and a lot of ice for a watermelon Granita.

You could even make a sunshine melon juice, with a hint of citrus to beat the heat! Find the full recipe on our Instagram / Facebook page.

We take great care with our melons, ensuring every single one is farm fresh and 100% natural with no artificial color or sweetener.  So make the most of this summer bonanza, and add the quintessential summer melon to your meal plan!

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