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Coconuts play a major role in South Indian lifestyle, used for everything from cuisine to cosmetics and even construction! As the old tale goes, a marooned sailor can survive on a deserted isle forested with coconut palms, turning to this ‘Tree of Life’ as it is aptly termed, for his survival needs. Every part of the palm- from the leaves to the nuts, husk, shells and bark are industriously used. The wood is sturdy and durable, and the coir, husk and shells are also used in beautiful traditional handicrafts

Tender coconut water is a refreshing hydrator, loaded with nutrients like potassium that replenish body electrolytes. Mature Coconuts have a dense cream that is used to make thick coconut milk, a culinary essential in South India. Sun-Dried Coconut (Khopda) is used grated and slivered as a garnish in many dishes. It adds an incredible richness of flavor. It can well be said that Southern Indian cuisine rides on the coconut.

Fascinatingly enough, the heavy coconut is actually waterproof and buoyant! This hardy nut travels thousands of miles over the sea waves, finally washing up and taking root on distant shores.

This Onam, jazz up your meal plan with some 'nutty' coconut influences!

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