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The days are growing longer and hotter, and fresh fruit juices are no doubt the piece de resistance of this sweltering season. Cooling, refreshing and packed with vitamins, they are exactly what our body needs to stay energetic throughout the day. Juicing fruits at home is much better than opting for the preservative laden, sugar loaded packaged alternative. Here are some easy tips to make home-made summer fruit juices easy and fun!

Make sure you select a wide array of ingredients to go in your juices. Citrus fruits always add a welcome zing of freshness and an immunity boosting shot of Vitamin C as well! The best cure for colds and flu symptoms is a daily dose of orange, mosambi and lime juice.

When opting for a healthy veggie drink with spinach or bitter gourd, chill your vegetables for a few hours before juicing, and add ice cubes to your drink. This cold will slightly numb the tongue and reduce the intensity of bitterness. Mix up your veggie concoctions with naturally sweet carrots and beetroots, for a tasty drink. Cucumber is also very refreshing and mild.

Using herbs and spices such as ginger, basil, coriander, mint and a twist of lime can give your juices an interesting depth. Use soda instead of water for a bubbly twist the kids are sure to love.

So what are you waiting for? Get Juicing!
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