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The Native Americans tell a tale of when the first man and woman on earth had a fight. As it escalated to screaming and tears, the woman got upset and ran out of their house, deep into the woods. As hours passed, the man began to worry. Finally, at sundown, he set out into the forest to find her.

He ran through the trees all night, calling her name desperately, but to no avail.

As the sun rose the next morning, he wearily returned home and prayed. "Creator," I am sorry for the things I said to my wife. Please make a patch of flowers spring up in her path. As she stops to smell them, I’ll catch up to her and tell her how sorry I am." So the Creator bloomed some beautiful flowers along the path. In her anger, however, she stomped right past.

Again, the man prayed, "Creator, she must be hungry by now. Please make a patch of berries spring up in her path, so when she stops to eat, I can catch up to her." So the Creator grew  Blackberries in her path. They were tempting, but covered in long, pokey thorns. She ran on.

Heartbroken, the man prayed "Creator, I am such a fool. You know far better than I what would please her. Would you choose something to slow her down, so I can tell her how much I love her?"

Creator reached and picked the most delicate white blossom. He then picked some berries, pricking his finger on the thorns. The blood drops turned the berries large, bright red and heart-shaped. He placed these creations in her path.

Captivated, she stopped to drink in their beauty.  She had one delicious bite and then gobbled down several more. Their sweetness and heart shape reminded her of the love her husband had for her, and she longed for him. She began to sob in sorrow and heartache, asking the Creator to bring her husband to her so she could tell him how sorry she was and how much she loved him.  

Just as she finished praying, her husband appeared from behind a tree. They united joyously, exchanged apologies and returned to their little home to live in peace and harmony for the rest of their days.

And this is how the strawberry came to be.

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