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It’s the perfect weather to cuddle up with a thrilling novel and keep out the chills with a steaming hot cuppa. Add a splash of color, flavor and health to your Sunday High Tea, with these delicious infusions. Tea blends like these can be sweetened using jaggery or honey.

Citrus Tea

For this aromatic blend, you will need to rinse thoroughly and peel 2 oranges, and zest 4 limes. Place these on a sheet and sundry in an open, well exposed area for 2-3 days.

Now separately grind the dried peel and zest to a fine powder, and store in airtight containers.

To make your tea infusion, simply steep black tea with a tsp of the desired lime or orange powder for 5 mins before drinking. This blend is rich in catechins that help burn body fat!

Ginger Tea

This delicious recipe helps boost the immunity, and also cures an aching belly. Simply grate fresh ginger, and steep 1 ½ tsps in your black tea for up to 5 mins. Its pungent aroma and flavor helps clear blocked sinuses, and relieves stress headaches as well!

Lemongrass Tea

One of the best home remedies, lemongrass stimulates the metabolism and improves digestion. Boil 2 finely chopped stalks with a tsp of tea leaves, and then leave it to simmer for an additional 5 mins before straining. This refreshing, lemony beverage not only relieves a sore throat, but is also known to reduce anxiety and help induce sleep!

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