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A convenient meal in a peel, the banana is one of the healthiest fruits available. Its legacy, however, remains shrouded in misconception.  

       Contrary to popular belief, this fruit only contains less than half a gram of fat. Soft, nutritious bananas are one of the first whole foods fed to a baby. Rich in potassium, they regulate body electrolyte levels and keep the heart healthy. They improve digestion, and even increase energy levels… perfect for a pre work out snack!

Simple, homemade packs and scrubs using the entire fruit along with the peel work wonders on the skin. They have antioxidants and Vitamin C that remove spots and reduce itching and inflammation.

Banana plants are used for much more than just their fruit!

The large, flat leaves are used all across South India as plates. They enhance the flavors of food and have antibacterial properties that reduce any risk of you falling sick. Banana flowers feature in several Asian cuisines, the delicate flavor enjoyed raw in salads, or cooked as a curry. These flowers have anti-ageing properties, and are loaded with vitamins and minerals.

There’s a lovely Karnatak saying about how because of the jasmine, the banana went to heaven. This refers to the South Indian practice of using banana stem fibers to string flowers into garlands, which are offered during puja to the gods. 

So set aside the myths, and indulge in a delicious, heavenly banana!


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